Joggers Exchange

Street Parking Members-

I wanted to reach out on behalf of Born Primitive and apologize for the sizing issues some of you experienced with our Warm Up Joggers. Producing a quality product and having premium customer service is very important to us, and I want to make sure you all are left with a positive experience with our brand. As a result, we are going to replace every pair that was sized incorrectly in this order. We want to continue to make great custom apparel for the Street Parking community and felt this was the only way to remedy the situation.

We understand some of you have already worked with Street Parking to change out sizes. We politely ask that anyone who currently owns a pair that they are happy with to refrain from participating in this exchange program. This is only designed for those who had a legitimate sizing issue. If you did experience an issue, please follow the link and fill out ALL required information on the form. We will allow submissions for the next 10 days. We will then reach out to each one you individually with next steps on redeeming your pair. Please note that custom orders typically take 8-10 weeks. As an added apology, I wanted to also offer a one-time discount code on our site that will be active for the next 3 days. Please use code STREETPARKING20 at our site ( for 20% off. Please keep this internal to the Street Parking community.

Thank you again, and I sincerely appreciate your understanding.


Bear Handlon, Founder